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1. There is no "private" and "personal" and other categories of property, there is just property.

2. Everyone, by consuming resources, appropriates property to survive; if they do not, they are dead, and this is not a treatise on the dead.

3. There is only individual ownership and contracts, although those two provide for all the "group ownership" you need.

  • To expand on this, consider: If two people are said to own a piece of property, under what conditions may one sell it? Build a house, amusement park, or butcher shop on it? Must both agree, or just one, or does it depend on the action, etc.—can either one dissolve the partnership and sell but both must agree to build something? This is specified in the contract they sign when it is acquired. Consider again the case of a business which owns several office locations. Can a VP, accountant, or clerk order an office demolished or sold? It depends on the contract that establishes the business and the rights of the shareholders and officers.

4. The right to specific property is obtained by voluntary exchange or primary homesteading.

5. That right may be defended with necessary force (this defense will not always be successful).

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