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Communist claims that there will be public parks in a communist state (or anarchy; it amounts to the same thing), but can't explain how they will come about without statism or property rights.



Do you guys have public parks in ancapistan, or will i be forced to pay to enjoy nature? What i would wish to see is nobody 'owning' the parks at all, but everyone who uses them to feel responsible for them. (Ben Reed)

If you leave some land "unclaimed", how do you propose to stop people from building houses and farms on it? To say, "hey, you can't cut down these trees or a build a farm here", means that whomever says that "controls" the land. (KK)

Apparently somehow no one is supposed to own them, and yet somehow, magically, it will remain a park. [I'm] not sure why Ben doesn't just get everyone in the community together, buy the park, and then make it free and open to all humanity. ... [M]y family and I are using the park. We're human beings and we have a right to use it, don't we? (GG)

So, are you building a home, or having a picnic? (Ben Reed)

I built a home, so did my family. That's how I'm using the park. What, that's not ok? I like to live in parks, I like to build log cabins and make moonshine and run whorehouses in parks. That's what I think parks are for. That is how I and my family want to use the ownerless park. That's ok, right? What is wrong with me and my family building homes and stills and whorehouses in the park? I mean, obviously, very few other people are going to want to use the park. In fact, it isn't really a park anymore, now, it's stills and whorehouses. People waiting in line for moonshine or prostitutes are the only people there, now. Please explain to me why you think that's a problem. (GG)

[U]m, cos its already a park. (Ben Reed)

I know it's a park, that's what I like to do in parks, so what's the problem? (GG)

[I]f yer trying to get me to say that the people in the area you just occupied would use force to get your rabble rousing ass out of town. [T]hey probably would. [I]f you think that's the same as exercising private property rights as they exists today. its not. (Ben Reed)

I wasn't trying to get you to say anything. I was trying to see if you had a non-statist solution. You don't. So how is that different from exercising property rights? Is it just mob rule? Pretty much whatever mobs want is ok? (GG)

Why are you calling me names? I understand that people are using it. I want to use it to. I'm not stopping anyone from continuing to use it. I want to use it to build a whorehouse and a few stills. You're saying other people are already using it, does that give them some right over the land? Why? Why does their use of it to stroll thru once in awhile trump my desire to use it the way I want to use it? There are two groups of people, you're saying the uses to which they want to put the park conflict. Why does one group take precedence over another, and who decides that? I seriously don't understand this. (GG)