Locked History Attachments


I'm not a constitution fetishist (although for the US to go back to it would be a good start), but this is a good post:

No, Magoo. We’re not starting anywhere. We “started” in 1934 and it’s all downhill on the slippery slope since then. I’m not in the mood to give another inch.

The “need” for a 30-round or a 100-round mag is completely irrelevant. Thomas Jefferson is going to come out of his grave and start beating people with a shovel if they don’t get the concept that the Second Amendment does not contain any exceptions. Not any. If they wanted exceptions, they would have put them there. And any restrictions that were placed on that right by subsequent legislation are:

a) completely without merit legally, a product of judges and their larvae, the lawyers. b) a symptom of a government that want to hold your arms while bad guys gut you like a fish.

("Bugei", posting on some stupid Canadian's stupid blog. Because the idea of TJ delivering necessary beatings of sense into people is amusing.)