Locked History Attachments


"The Life of Julia" is Obama's new (May 5, 2012) propaganda campaign.

The Heritage Foundation's "A Better Life For Julia" is not bad; some of their "conservative" approaches are libertarian.

Stefan Molyneux's video response.

The Life of Julia under Anarchy (Kevin Carson, C4SS).

"'Life of Julia' Was Better in the Original Russian" is pointed:

  • They don’t want you to have your liberty back. They don’t want you owning a home. They don’t want you owning a gun. They don’t want you owning a car.

    They want you living in a small apartment in a city, taking the train to your government provided job. They want you to need their permission to take the intercontinental railroad on your state approved vacation.

    They want, no, they lust for power. They don’t care that every time they get that power millions of people die, others live in squalor and fear. They must have power.

    Oh, and that small apartment in a big building they want you to live in? It will smell of boiled cabbage. Because that’s what they do. See the Soviet Union, circa 1970, when it was at it’s “best”.

    Got ammo?

And then there's When Julia Tried to Start a Business….