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Statist: A recent poll has 55% of the public supporting stricter gun control laws, with 44% opposed.

(Implication: the threat or initiation of violence against peaceful people is justified by numbers.)


  • Democracy? I want nothing to do with a system which operates on the premise that my rights don't exist simply because I am outnumbered. —R. Lee Wrights

The threat or initiation of violence (violation of the NonAggressionPrinciple) does not suddenly become moral because you outnumber a group (even if you go through a rat's nest of "representatives" and claim you're a "republic" rather than a "democracy").

It does not become moral just because said majority hires people, dresses them in uniforms, and pays them (with stolen money) to initiate violence; special pleading is a fallacy, and evil actions do not become good because a gang calling itself "the state" demands them. (DBR)