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"Don't force anarchy on me, bro!"


  • To advocate anarchism is not to advocate a system. It’s simply to maintain that aggression is unjust, and to recognize that the state commits aggression. If you oppose rape, that does not mean you have to show that “non-rape” or “a world without non-rape” is “workable.” You oppose rape and other private crimes because they are crimes. Likewise, if you recognize the state is criminal, you have to oppose it too. —Stephan Kinsella

The concept of forcing self-ownership (voluntaryism) on someone is ridiculous. How do you force "leaving alone" or the NonAggressionPrinciple on someone? They aren't forced to pay for it; they aren't forced to work for you; the only time the voluntaryist condones non-consensual force is in self-defense.

The only people that should be worried about a free society are those that benefit from force or fraud; and not even all of them (for instance, people that have a genuine need for other people's help would still be helped by their fellow man; shysters and cheats would have to worry). (DBR)