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Statist: The Tea Party are anarchists! I'm such an ignorant git that I can't tell the difference between neoconservatism ("progressive" nanny-state big-government welfare-warfare statism) and those who would prefer a free society following the NonAggressionPrinciple!


Let's see: Tea Party = for foreign wars. Anarchists, not so much.

Tea Party = for medicaid/medicare (just not "single payer" for other people). Anarchists, not so much.

Tea Party = for laws against peaceful behavior like drug use, speeding, etc. Anarchists, not so much. (That covers a whole raft of shit, so count it as 10 points not 1.)

Tea Party = for political solutions; while some anarchists support gradual improvement, all anarchists want to abolish the state.

Tea Party = against illegal immigration and protectionist against legal immigrants. Anarchists want to abolish borders. (DBR)